2019 Rudeboy Informal


The Informal

House Party Rudeboy style. Come join us for a night of eating(informally), dancing(dirty), and drinking(excessively). Then stay over or camp on-site and have pancakes and mimosas in the morning.

DJ NO REQUEST will be in the house with none of the songs you request.

February 9th 2019 7pm

Reeb Ranch West, Big House

8348 Ouray Drive

Longmont, CO

Cost: $25, Will include all you can drink + pizza (GF options too) to soak up the booze. Also includes pancakes and mimosas in the morning.

Bikes: Bring them. We have a bike park.

Housing: You are free to camp anywhere on the 50 acres of land around us, or bring a sleeping bag and stay in the big house.

Dress: Jorts, Flannel, Sweatsuits, Jeans, T-shirts, but still dress to impress (best flannel, shortest jorts, etc.) Flip-flops highly encouraged. Leave the heels at home.

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